Tips and Tricks To Find The Best Florida Financial Advisor

It is a pretty life-altering decision when you finally decide to hire a financial advisor and we are not being dramatic here!


A Melbourne FL financial advisor knows almost everything about you. From your family history to what kind of job you do – and how! Therefore, it is quite a daunting task to choose an individual who is a perfect fit for you. After all, this person will be responsible for your finances and you do not want to be making any hasty decisions.

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However, there are a few tips that you can follow which will almost certainly land you a Florida financial advisor who not only works best for you but also understands the kind of assistance you need.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What type of financial advisor do I need?

There are essentially three kinds of advisors that you can work with; they are based on how they charge you for the assistance: commission-based, fee-based and fee-only.

According to Forbes, if you are looking for asset management, fee-only advisor is the way to go since there is no commission based earning that might stop them from doing an honest job. What they earn is usually through flat fees or some percent of the assets they manage rather than selling products for a commission

How much help do I really want?

Determine what kind of help you need? Do you need one-time advice like when selling a business or do you need comprehensive financial planning? If you have a few queries than going with an advisor that charges hourly is the most suitable for you. However, if you want a long term advisor or, let’s say, someone to manage your assets than you might look for someone who charges a flat fee or some % of your assets.

What do I look for in an advisor?

In the simplest of terms, you basically need to look if they are qualified (check for certification and licensing) to tackle your financial issues if they have ever had experience with cases similar to yours and if they are ethical.

Set up a meeting with a number of financial advisors before you can find one that fits the bill for you.

Last, but most importantly, go for the advisor you like the most. It may not sound as essential of detail but for someone who is going to know so much about your life, you need to have a good working relationship with them.

Most advisors offer free consultations, attend a few, put these tips to test, and we are sure you will end with exactly the right financial advisor.

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